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Exhibition of Companies and Science Book Editors

     An industrial exhibition is envisaged. Interested radiochemical, radiopharmaceutical and nuclear electronics companies are encouraged to contact the Conference Service (Alessandro Volta Foundation, Como). Science publishers, data banks and information centres will be welcome to display their products and activities. 

     A 250 m2 covered exhibition room is availabe, for placing up to 15 stands of Companies, Manufacturer of Chemicals and Radiochemicals, Presentation of Books and Scientific Journals. The room is comptelety equipped with multiple cables and WiFi connection. The projection of movies is possible. In the same room it is possible to organize snack and coffee break events, during the exhibitions.

     A full list of exhibitors will be availble at the time of the conference.

     A special Session of the Conference will be dedicated to a short oral presentation of the different Exhibitots.

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