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Abstract Submitted are growing up

The organizers encourage submission of of maximum 200-300 word Abstracts, related to any topic or argument of the conference. Nevertheless, the Abstract submitted could be "modified or uptated" with the INDICO system, untill a few days from the definititive deadline (tentatively 02-03 Sept 2012).

You are welcome to suggest a particular session/topic for which your contribution might be considered or preferred, thus. 13 Sessions are collected into similar arguments.

Submitted abstracts will be used to organize a series of selected orals (10-15 min discussion icluded) and 2 separated Poster Sessions. In keeping with the conference focus, sessions will also be organized on educational methods and workforce development.

Participants submitting Abstracts are asked to indicate their preference for "oral" vs "poster presentation". However, please remenber that oral presentations will be limited in number, partially due to our efforts to emphasize discussion and social interaction opportunities: most presentations will be delivered as posters.

To upload your abstract submissions, please follow the following instructions.

Abstract submission, technical programme and registration is managed by INtegrated DIgital COnference (INDICO) Meetings, Events, Conferences Tool developed by CERN.

In order to re-visit your registration and update it with abstract submission  you must have an account at INDICO.

Your INDICO account registration information can be seen only by the NRC-8 organising team and it will be used only as an input into your NRC registration; it will not be available to any third party.

To create your INDICO account click here.

After you receive your confirmation e-mail (the delivery takes about 1 hour) and activate your account, you may log-in to INDICO and submit your abstract / registration for the conference.

If you already have an active INDICO account, you may log-in and submit/review your abstract / registration for the conference here.

In case of any problems with the abstract submission, please contact the NRC-8 Support.


The total number of Abstracts received on 05th Sept is 245 , with a total number of attendees of 227.

An on-site registration by Credit Card is also expected, and welcome.


About 70 "either opening lecture or invited lectures" of 20-35 min will be delivered (discussion included).

As highlights, a selected number of oustanding 42 "short oral presentations" of 15 min (discussion included) will be chosen by the Organizing Committe and finally 2 Poster Sessions of 132 papers in total, will be presented in the sme all in differet days (see General Programme). They are also divided in 2 Poster Sessions in different days.

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Upload presentation

It is possible to upload your presentation or your poster on INDICO.

You can access the contributions for which you can submit material by selecting My contributions (you may be redirected to the login page) from the menu in the event homepage. This will take you to your submission area and will list the contributions for which you can submit material.

You can found other instruction here.

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